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Thread: Using the Ranking feature in media lab

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    Using the Ranking feature in media lab


    I am having a bit of difficulty with the ranking feature in media lab. I want participants to rank a list of names (most preferred to least preferred) including their own name.

    I plan to ask the participants their names at the start of the experiment in a general demographics questionnaire. Is there any way to then take their answer to the "What is your name?" question (A fill-in-the-blank item) and make that one of the text labels in my ranking questionnaire?


    Henry Pharo

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    Hi Henry,

    This feature is completely supported within MediaLab. Within MediaLab you can insert the value of a subject's prior response to any fill-in-the blank or scale response item by typing the appropriate variable name surrounded by < > within any question wording text. For example, if you had previously asked subjects about their race using a fill-in-the-blank question or a scale response and you had called this variable race, then you could insert the subjects response in a subsequent question wording like this: What percentage of your friends are <race>? For scale responses, the text label of the selected response is used.

    This should also work for the ranking feature.

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    Hi Newell

    Thanks for your replay, but I don't seem to be able to get it to work.

    I've attached a copy of the questionnaire that I'm trying to use, and I;m wondering if you could comment on the script, and whether there is anything that you can see I'm doing wrong?


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    I am trying to use this with the ranking feature.
    So in the first question (variable name 'Ranking'), the participants will rank a list of words.
    In the next question, an essay, i'd like to include in the instructions what their #1 was. So I have tried <Ranking> but this does not work.

    Any help? Thank you.

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