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Thread: Slider Scale for dummies

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    Slider Scale for dummies

    Hi Blair and Team ...

    I am modifying the continuum.htm sample and hope to change the background to be same light blue as the rest of the MediaLab program. I would like the slider scale to look the same visually as the rest of the study, which is in the default MediaLab format. I figured out how to change the color but can't figure out the exact html color code for the MediaLab light blue. Can you help?

    Thank you!!!

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    Dolly, were you able to figure out a solution to this issue?

    In order to find out the HTML color code for any color, open up the preferences file through MediaLab's option window. From here, navigate to the Fonts & Colours tab. If you select a specific area using either the combobox beneath the tabs, or through clicking an area on the sample layout, you will be able to edit that area. Select the item 'Questionnaire Background'. A color window should open up allowing you to select a new color. If you jot-down the Red, Green, and Blue values, you can use these to find the HTML hex color value. For example, in the default preferences file, the following values are used for the questionnaire background:

    Red [204] Green [204] Blue [255]

    Using these values, we now need to find an RGB to Hex converter. You can do so by using the web. Here's a site that I've googled that seems to work:

    The output created for the above values gives: CCCCFF
    Once we add a pound to the start of this value, we're ready to use it.

    The final output would be as followed: #CCCCFF . In the future, we'll look into adding an easy conversion display for users who may need the hexadecimal values of an RGB color.

    Let me know if this helps!

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    Background color

    Thank you for your detailed response. I was able to figure this out but accidentally. I realized that when I just opened the slider file, the background was white, but when I ran the whole MediaLab program with the slider within it, the background matched the rest of the program's light blue. So, I got off easy in the end! But I will keep your instructions on file for the future.

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    That's great to hear - thanks for responding back to note that the problem had been solved.

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