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Thread: Duplicating style colour (color for us Yanks)

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    Duplicating style colour (color for us Yanks)

    [Hmm, I thought I posted this here last night, I seem to be doing a lot of fumbling lately.]

    OK, I just want to add a style using the Style Editor, and I want that style to be exactly the same as an existing style except for MinMax. So exactly how do I edit the new style to have exactly the same Colour as another style? Sure I can see the numeric colour code for the existing style, but that does me no good as the Style Editor does not allow me to type in a numeric colour code for my new style, it instead insists on popping up a GUI where I can visually pick out a color, but no way can I visually match the existing color! Ideally the Style Editor would provide some way to copy an existing style and paste it in to a new style, duplicating it for further editing and adjustment, but just being able to type in codes would be good enough here.

    Am I missing something, because this seems like such a basic feature to have included in the Editor? I can't find anything about this in the manual, nor with a quick search in the forum. Please help. Thanks.

    -- David McFarlane, Professional Faultfinder

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    Hm... This seems to be another error that currently exists within the beta.
    In order to help fix these issues, we'll be releasing an update over the weekend.

    I'll PM you when this happens. You'll be able to update the software directly from the 'Update' menu item under the 'Help' menu once you run the software as an Administrator.

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