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Thread: Exporting video from Mac for on line rating

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    Exporting video from Mac for on line rating

    I have a video of a TV broadcast, recorded on a PDR and transferred to a Mac. It is now a .mov file. Is there a file type we can easily convert it to (on Mac or PC) that will work better? The manual suggests that .mov may be dicey. I gather from another thread that it will need to be displayed as a backvideo to work with on line rating.

    Thanks, Paul
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    Hm. It may be better to change it to another format - in our previous version of ML, video files are a bit peculiar on what will and what won't run.

    The following link may assist in finding video conversion tools:

    Also - When working with on-line rating items, don't forget that the item directly after the on-line item will work with the on-line item. For instance, if you want to play a video file with an on-line rating, you will need to declare the on-line rating, and then create a new item beneath it as a 'Movie' type. As far as I know, using the backvideo function with an on-line rating item-type will only cause an error to arise.

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    Please clarify

    Newell, Thanks for this reply. Please clarify, however: 1) What do you mean about peculiarity in the previous version? I have ML 2008. My concern about video formats arises from the manual for 2008. 2) Your reply to ML Researcher pointed him to the Backvideo Item type. I read the manual to say we wanted On Line Rating followed by Movie, as you suggest here. But I don't get what difference you're pointing to between my issue and ML Researcher's. Thanks, Paul

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    Hi Paul - I apologize for the confusion.
    I simply meant that the currently available versions, ie. 2008, 2006, 2004, etc. all have a problem decoding certain video files (ie. .mov); whereas the next version will hopefully remedy this issue. Given the right filetype, ML 2008 should run the video without problem.

    I apologize for the confusion noted in the topic started by MLResearcher. At the time I didn't quite realize that you needed to have On-Line rating items followed by a different item. It is indeed possible to use the backvideo feature with an On-Line rating item; however it would need to be filled in the backvideo item after the On-Line rating item.

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