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Thread: Voice RT

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    Voice RT


    I am going to hide a name in a dot matrix that slowly clears (like fog rising) and ask participants to pronounce the name as soon as they can read it. Once they start to read it, Voice RT will measure time. I've thought I would use .pps file to create the stimulus like a dot matrix and insert this file into the Voice RT option, but noticed that I could not insert the .pps file when I chose the Voice RT option.

    Is there any way for me to use .pps file stimulus under the Voice RT option? Or any other way to create that kind of stimulus under the Voice RT option?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Unfortunately, combining the VoiceRT option with the ability to show .PPS files currently isn't possible.

    The best option may be to find a way to complete the same task using a video file, image file, or other type of media - that way you can use the VoiceRT feature and still display / present what you want.

    EDIT: It may also be noted that the .PPS could be embedded within an HTML page, and then the HTML could be used as a background.
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