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Thread: saving large .que files

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    saving large .que files


    Recently, I have been copying the content of my .que files into excel and making modifications there, and then copying them back into the .que file because it is easier to make some changes this way.

    I've found that if you paste a large number of lines of code in a .que file that there is a limit to how many lines of code are saved each time you save (ctrl-S). I had about 150 lines and with one save, I think it saved only like 24 lines or something. I didn't go through and check exactly how many I could save, but if I save repeatedly, the file saved in its entirety.

    I tried just saving through the menus and the same thing occurred.

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    We're currently working on fixing a variety of the issues that still exist when manipulating .que files. These issues should be completely patched by Fall when we release the 2010 copies of MediaLab and DirectRT.

    As a work around to editing larger .que files, the following topic may help:

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