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Thread: Location of help files and manual

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    Location of help files and manual

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    Would appreciate some direction on the specific location of the Medialab manual in pdf file. I searched but did not find it in the ...\MediaLab\Help folder, or in any directory. Also, the Help option opens a window describing options available in MediaLab2004. Where would the options for MediaLab2006 be located?


    I found the same (or a similar) problem on another one of the computers I've been using. This one also has 2006.1.26 on it, but the Help topics say what's new in 2004. I checked the "About" in both the experiment editor and MediaLab. The experiment Editor says that it is version 2004.1.12 but MediaLab says that it is 2006.1.26. The really weird part about that is that this was a new install - this computer did not have MediaLab on it before the current (supposedly 2006) installation.
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    The 2006 help files and manual are available as of v2006.2.10.

    Here are links in case you just want the help and new manual without installing 2006.2:

    v2006 Manual:

    v2006 Help Files (Online Version):

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