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Thread: Psychopy vs DirectRT (case 36342)

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    Psychopy vs DirectRT (case 36342)

    Good afternoon
    I was wondering if anyone could speak to the differences between Psychopy and DirectRT. For my research project, participants see a series of pictures that flash across the screen. Every participant sees 2 pictures and on the second picture, they must judge whether it is nice looking or not nice looking by clicking a button. Once the button is clicked, the next two pictures should flash, and then they judge again and so on and so forth. Has anyone used psychopy? I am wondering which platform is best/more user friendly/ does DirectRT do anything that Psychopy.

    Thank you!
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    DirectRT has features that should be capable of handling the kind of study design you describe. We would be happy to provide you a free trial license to test it out with your own two hands. Just contact sales@empirisoft.com and reference case 36342.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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