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Thread: Can we install in a locked down lab?

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    Can we install in a locked down lab?

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    Prior to evaluating MediaLab as a research tool, can you tell me if it will run correctly in a limited user account in Windows XP? All our labs are pretty locked down, and I'd like to keep it that way. Does the app need write access to the registry or Program Files other than during installation?

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    No access to the general Program Files folder or Windows Registry is necessary, however, read/write access is necessary for the MediaLab and/or DirectRT folders. Read/write access will also be necessary for any experiment folders to which data needs to be saved.

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    First and for most is how the product is to be installed. Several of our labs are imaged and we can push down a change to the entire lab through this process. Is it possible for us to install the product to one computer then push that image to the other computers or does each installation require that it be installed by hand.
    Yes, you can push the image. You may need to enter authorization codes manually though if you do it this way because a ocde that works on one machine will not work on another. They are a function of the harddrive serial number and some random numbers. Using IP licensing can get around that--if you have an IP pattern that is specific to your set of machines, we can program it directly into the software. If any machine's IP matches a hard-coded IP pattern, then that will serve as authorization. That's the way we handle large installations like departmental site licenses. If that doesn't work for you (e.g., you have dynamic IPs) then we can talk to you about pushing a pre-authorized image.

    Secondly, our lab computers are on a Novell Network. Is there any problem with this? Additionally our lab computer are running DHCP with a 7 day renewal of IPs, will this cause any problem. Also eventually most of the computers within BSB will be changed to DHCP, again will this change anything, especially with regards to licensing?
    No problem with Novel as far as I know. You can try it first if you like. Dynamic IPs can be a problem if you can not keep them within a specified pattern that is unique to your area. We can always do manual codes for each machine.

    Finally the images on our lab computers are locked down with deepfreeze. Will this result in any issues we should be aware of?
    See above post.
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