I´m not able to send TTL-triggers to my EEG via my pci-parallel-port card.

I use a MosChip PCI Parallel Port card (I/O area of EC00-EC07 (3072-3079) or E880-E887 (2176-2183)) with a V-Amp EEG-device (BrainProducts). If I connect the V-Amp to an "old" machine with an onboard parallel port (the 0378), everything´s fine and I can trigger the EEG by TTL. The LPT is also recognized by DRT-I/O-Test.

If I try to trigger the EEG by using an up-to-date acer dualcore with the PCI-card aforementioned I/O-Test doesn´t recognize any LPT but I can sent a trigger to the port and I/O-Test monitor tells e.g. port3072=255. Changing bitvalue doesn´t change monitored bitvalue (always 255). I tried to use the decimalcodes of the I/O-area of the card (e.g. loc=3072 in the csv-file), doesn´t work.

Card works properly, driver is installed and I can print with it. Additionally, V-Amp TTL-monitor shows changes in high-low of Bit 0-8 when I start the DRT-machine (with which I try to trigger the EEG-device).

Any suggestions?


P.S. Before I can send any TTL to the EEG by DRT, I first have to send machine to standby to set Bit 1-8 to low, both old machine as well as up-to-date acer. Is this the normal case!?