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Thread: MediaLab vs Inquisit using .exp files (case 6837)

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    MediaLab vs Inquisit using .exp files (case 6837)

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    I’m running both Medialab and Inquisit for different experiments. However, each time I try and run an Inquisit experiment, MediaLab has taken over its file extension and it won’t run. How do I stop MediaLab from picking up and taking over any .exp file on my computer?
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    When you start the MediaLab Experiment Editor, it will reclaim the file extensions ".exp" and ".que" such that when you double click on files with these extensions any time after that, they will be opened with the MediaLab experiment editor. This is done because some people get ticked that other programs claim one of these MediaLab extensions.

    Occasionally though, people get ticked because MediaLab does this to some other program! So how do we all just get along? if you write MediaLab a nice letter (see attached template for sample) and drop it in the c:\MediaLab\experiment editor folder explaining that you don't like it to do this, then it _should_ comply.

    Then, either reinstall Inquisit, or right click on an .exp file and select Inquisit to open it, choosing "always use this app" in order to restore the old association--MediaLab shouldn't hassle you after that.

    Let me know if that doesn't do the trick.
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    running inquisit 4 files with media lab 2010

    Hello, I have been experiencing the same problem. I tried the path method but it did not work.
    The problem is I could not insert the inquisit file into the media lab questionnaire since it is not recognized with the .iqx extension.
    When I save the inquisit file as .exp with the inquisit program, then I could insert but from now on, the questionnaire does not run.
    So is there way to resolve it? Or should it be just inquisit 3 scripts?

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    Take a look at this related forum thread: http://www.empirisoft.com/support/sh...light=Inquisit

    Good luck!
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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