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Thread: Hebrew NFC scale - All questions in one screen

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    Hebrew NFC scale - All questions in one screen

    The attached que displayes the Hebrew version of Petty & Cacioppo (1986) 18-Item Need for Cognition scale. Using an HTML form, all questions are displayed in one screen, mimicking a paper and pencil form. Data are saved to the regular data folder, thanks to Blair's custom item.

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    Thanks Eyal!

    Note to other users:

    Using the new custom item method, this HTML form did not have be modified at all to be included within a MediaLab experiment. Simply by using the standard method="post" function MediaLab intercepts the data and saves it to the regular data file when the participant clicks on the form to submit their answers. The only additional step required was to list each variable as a separate custom item within the questionnaire. This is so that MediaLab will know to make space for the data when the session is started.

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