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Thread: Shooter Task (case 34961)

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    Shooter Task (case 34961)

    Posted this in the archive forum, but that one seems to get no traffic...

    I couldn't find any info on Shooter Tasks in DRT. There are two issues that I can't seem to work out.

    One issue, which I am sure is not possible in DRT, is presenting a cumulative running total score after each trial. I know that DRT can't calculate a variable, and so keeping then presenting this tally is not possible.

    The second issue deals with the timing of the trials. The way the typical task works is that participants receive a -10 point penalty if they take longer than 850ms. Furthermore, depending on the trial type there are 4 possible types of feedback (correct shoot, correct no-shoot, incorrect shoot, incorrect no-shoot), and the points associated with each of these are presented to the participant after each trial. Doing either of these along is easy enough using the timing settings in the options file and the skip-to feedback in the csv.

    My issue is that the typical trial continues until a response, even if after 850 (to allow for analysis of error rates). What I want when people time out to only receive the max time feedback and not the skip to feedback. Is this possible?

    Also, is it possible to use a stim file for the max time feedback instead of just ugly text?

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    1) DirectRT cannot display any running totals.

    2) Have you tried any of the automatic continuation features to get DirectRT to display the desired feedback? You can find the information about the automatic continuation features here in the DirectRT manual:


    3) You could use the command word "full" automatic continuation feature to try to use the feedback from the MinMax field of the styles.drt file. Or you can control the formatting of the text in the .csv file with its own styles code as described here in the DirectRT manual:

    Jason Reed
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