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Thread: Recording voice RT (case 34074)

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    Recording voice RT (case 34074)

    I have set up an experiment in DirectRt where I record audio responses. Although the computer is set to record sound at 44100 Hz, 16-bit resolution in the system sound settings, the recording I get from Direct RT is 22050 Hz, 8-bit. 22050 Hz is fine but not 8-bit, which is quite noisy. How can I set this to 16-bit? This is not a system limitation because using Audacity and other audio recording software, I can record at 16 bits using the same microphone and USB sound card. Thanks for your help.
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    Unfortunately, it's not currently an option to set the recording quality. DirectRT records at this rate because when I wrote that code, I needed to pick a fixed rate to allow for the various analysis algorithms that were required--like assessing reaction times and such. I chose this lower rate because of the reduced impact that would have on processing. Not the answer you want to hear, I'm sure. It's certainly possible that offering a choice of recording qualities could be added in the future, it's just not an option now.


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