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Thread: TTL Not Working In DirectRT, Works Fine in MediaLab and I/O Test (case 33630)

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    TTL Not Working In DirectRT, Works Fine in MediaLab and I/O Test (case 33630)

    I'm trying to send TTL signals to a machine running BioPac/AcqKnowledge. The TTL works fine in MediaLab and IOTest, but not in DirectRT. I'm running 2014 versions of DirectRT and MediaLab on Windows 7 Professional. The port address I'm using is -12272. Any advice appreciated-thanks!
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    Please share a copy of your DirectRT input file and any other .txt file you may be using to send the ttl signal and we will be happy to look at it. You can either attach a copy to a post in this forum thread or send it directly to support@empirisoft.com (please reference case 33630)
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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