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Thread: Selecting Cyberball v5 Conditions within Medialab (case 33070)

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    Selecting Cyberball v5 Conditions within Medialab (case 33070)

    Hi all,

    I'm currently running Medialab v2016.1.108 as well as Cyberball v5.
    I already have Cyberball in my experiment and it runs fine, however it doesn't allow me to select the condition. It defaults to condition 1, which is exclusion.

    This website helped me get Cyberball running into Medialab, however since this was written with Cyberball v3 in mind, the instructions didn't work for me.
    "In the parameters field, enter the letter "c" followed by the name of the settings file you wish to use, e.g., (c4pl - ostracize subject.txt) to run the 4pl - ostracize subject.txt settings file. By adding this "command line parameter", CyberBall will know which settings file to use so you will not have to enter it manually when CyberBall starts. "

    I tried this and it still always defaults to condition 1 (exclusion). How can I set it up so MediaLab can pull different Cyberball conditions?

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    In Cyberball v5, you create and assign particular conditions in the Conditions & Random Assignments tab of the Basic screen. Please refer to pages 4&5 of the Cyberball v5 manual here for more specific instructions on how to do this:

    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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