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Thread: motify open response box (case 32982)

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    motify open response box (case 32982)

    Hello, everybody,

    is there any way to modify the style of the open ended response box? It would be great if "ok" and "Cancel" were gone especially since the participants can't do either of these things. And is there a way, to individualize the box for example instead of "Press <Enter> when you are done" the german translation and the prefered key to continue? Is this possible and if so, how?

    And one more questions: Is there a possiblity to leave the open response optional. so that the participants do not have to answer, but can simply continue to click.

    many thanks in advance

    p.s. I tried to attach a picture of the response box as it is right now.. Not quite sure if it worked out and you can see it in detail.

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    Hello B_Zapf,

    Unfortunately, the response box for open ended options cannot be modified in appearance or style. It is also necessary to type something in the box.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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