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Thread: open ended responses

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    open ended responses

    I've been working with DirectRT v. 2006 and I have a question regarding open ended responses (rt:text). I would like subjects to correctly respond to the open ended question by only allowing them to enter a fixed response (e.g., 44) in the input box as a open ended response. So every other open ended response is prohibited and is not accepted as valid input. How can I do this?

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    Additional Question re open-ended responses

    Sorry Phillipe, I don't have an answer for you, only an addition to your question.

    I am wanting to allow incorrect responses from the open-ended response input mechanism (e.g. "HOUSE") but wish to bounce to a screen to tell respondents they are incorrect if that is in fact the case (e.g. the correct response is "POTATO") before proceeding to the next trial.

    Linking my question with Phillipe's, is there any mechanism for comparing open-ended responses to pre-determined correct answers and taking action depending on the results of that comparison (either jumping to a different trial or jumping back to the same trial)? I know that you can do some of this with single key stroke responses, but am unclear how to deal with the open-ended response possibility.



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    Check this link out and see if it helps. It discusses open-ended response contingencies and includes a sample you can try:


    James, I think may help you more than Philippe because it illustrates jumping based on open ended responses. Philippe, there currently is no function to force a particular open ended response--like a password perhaps?
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