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Thread: Alteration of Responses (case 31903)

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    Alteration of Responses (case 31903)

    Hi Everyone,
    I have 2 related questions.
    Is it possible to:
    1) show all the responses (including the options not selected) indicated by a survey participant on one page, after he/she has completed a 6 option multiple choice survey
    2) tweak the responses shown (e.g. the person chose option 2 when doing the survey but the webpage shows that option 6 was chosen instead)

    Thank you for your guidance!
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    This could be done using the responses.xls feature in MediaLab. You can find information about it here in the MediaLab manual:


    How man survey items and what item types in MediaLab do you plan to use?
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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