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Thread: changing features of Participant's represented response

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    changing features of Participant's represented response

    i am using youre nice <> feature for probing P's on their former responses. the thing is we embed their response in a question phrase and (as it is a "presonal code") it look as if it is part of the question phrase and not the object to be refered to.
    the simplest way is to put their responses in "" but using hebrew (and mixign text and symbols) it is just impossible to align the phrase and the embeded response.
    is there any way to change the graphics of just the embeded response (font,bold...anything)? possibly using the responses file?
    till the next query

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    Nov 2005
    Not at this time, but we're working on an option like that for the next version. Idea would be that you can use the responses.xls functions and apply formatting to any text within the cells--this will be applied to the text when inserted during the experiment.

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