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Thread: Experiment editor saves old experiment data to new file?

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    Experiment editor saves old experiment data to new file?

    We are having multiple problems with a copy of MediaLab running on our of out computers. This is only happening on one of the several machines that we run MediaLab on ... and we have yet to figure out what is causing this.

    The major problem is that the Experiment Editor seems to save rather odd data to new files. It is like it is grabbing old experiments and writing it over my new file data.

    Here is what happens :

    1. I open experiment editor and simply do a File -> New Experiment
    2. I make one simple change (such as add a mpeg movie on line one in the filename field).
    3. If I hit "save" on the right side column, it asks if I want to "replace existing file". It shouldn't do this because I have not given it a file name to use.
    4. So -- I instead hit "save-as" and save it to something like "temptest.exp"
    5. I exit the editor and it asks me if I want to save the unsaved file. I can either hit yes or no here -- I get the same result either way.
    6. I go back into experiment editor and open my temptest.exp file. It now contains several lines of data that were not in my original save. It is as if it just copied an existing experiment that someone previously wrote using this computer. The data that I added to the new file is not there --- it has been replaced with several other lines of other experiment data.

    We reinstalled MediaLab on this machine -- and that did not fix it. This machine is using v 2006.2.39. I don't have a network site license version of 2006.2.40 to test on this machine or else I would install it.

    The above is the most major of problems. MediaLab does a few other things on this machine that it doesn't do on any of our other machines (runtime errors, etc).

    Any suggestions? Is there some location where temp files are being stored and not removed?

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    Strange. Take a look in the folder: C:\MediaLab\Experiment Editor\Temp and delete any files in there. When creating or editing a que or exp file, the editor makes a copy of the file in that folder and edits it. Upon saving, it is supposed to replace the original. The temporary copy is supposed to be deleted after all this. For new files, the process is the same except that a blank file is created first since one does not yet exist.

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