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Thread: GNAT, Go-Nogo

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    GNAT, Go-Nogo

    [edited from support email]
    We are scrapping an antique reaction time program we had written for us in the DOS age. Our main need is for a program that will do Go-NoGo reaction time measurements. Can Direct RT be configured to record responses to NoGo signals?
    Yes, in fact, there is a now a GNAT sample included with DirectRT v2006 that you can use right out of the box or modify according to your needs. The use of "no response" as a valid response option is now documented in the v2006.2 user's guide, as well as in the online documentation here: www.empirisoft.com/directrt/help/directrt_samples_v2006_no_response_as_valid.htm)

    It is essentially the first stab at the DirectRT version of the Go/No-go Association Task (GNAT) posted at Project Implicit (see http://projectimplicit.net/nosek/gnat/). Let us know if you have any luck with it or make changes to it that other users might find useful.

    See Also: http://empirisoft.com/support/showthread.php?t=162
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    web option for GNAT?

    Hello. Is there anyway to put the GNAT task created with Direct RT onto the web? Thank you.
    - Carey

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    No, but we're working on it.

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    no go ttl response

    I've created a go/no-go input file for use with an EEG, meaning that I'm sending TTLs to a second computer. I've just started collecting data and noticed that my no-go trials are often followed by the TTL code 240. I'm not sure what 240 is and I want to make sure that my subject isn't misunderstanding the task and pressing some (as of yet) unidentified button. Is 240 the code that is sent when a -1 response (no-go) is given?

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    Are you using a ttlEcho.txt file to send keypress codes via TTL signal? If so, yes, I believe 240 is used as the code for no response (aka, -1).

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