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Thread: Screen resolution problem (case 29813)

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    Screen resolution problem (case 29813)

    We're trying to update the trial resolution (through the Style editor > Options > Screen Size ) and for some reason it's not working.
    The Screen Size textbox is empty and has no options to choose from (see screenshot)
    We've tried on two different computers which one is running on Win10, and the other on Win8. One with a screen resolution of 1920/1080px and one with 1366/768px. We've tried rebooting, and deleting the style files. We've tried on other style files from the software samples folder. None of them worked.
    Please help.


    Thank you
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    Please tell me the full version number of DirectRT that you are using.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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    I always try to update my drivers, it always work for me

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