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Thread: simultaneous image presentation

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    simultaneous image presentation

    Greetings all,

    My experiment involves simultaneous presentation of one pictured image (in the left visual field) and a word in the central visual field. My input file has three colums for these (stim, loc, time; stim, loc, time)... but only the words are presented. I read somewhere that if I put a zero in the time column for the first stimulus, that the programs reads it as "to be presented simultaneous". Where am I going wrong here?

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Sounds like you're halfway there. To present two stimuli at the same time, you have to have two parameters set zero: the Time column of the first stim, and the "Clear" value of the second. (Clear is the third number of the ordered triple in the Loc column.) Check your "Clear" setting. If its value is set to 1, you've been telling DirectRT to clear the previous screen. Change it to 0 and you should be all set.

    Good luck.


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