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Thread: "myFileName.txt not found" (case 29547)

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    "myFileName.txt not found" (case 29547)

    I am trying to have DirectRT display paragraphs from a text file sequentially, one at a time on separate screens. In my Stim column, I've put &myFileName, and I have a separate row for each paragraph in the file (the information in the Stim column is the same for each row).

    DirectRT is displaying the message "myFileName.txt not found" for the first row, but then on the next screen it displays the first paragraph of the text file, as it should have done for the first row. Why is it saying it can't find the text file, if it is properly displaying the first paragraph of the text file on the next page?

    Thank you for any assistance.
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    It would be most expedient if I could see the actual .csv input file and the text files. Please upload a copy of them to this discussion thread or send them to support@empirisoft.com and reference case 29547.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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