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Thread: Two wgr columns?

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    Two wgr columns?

    Hi Blair,

    I am having an idea that would need two wgr columns to be implented quite easy. Propably somebody has asked this question before, but I didn't find the thread.
    Just some more informations: I am programming a sequential priming lexical decision paradigm, with 1/8 of all trials being critical. I want to ensure that never two critical trials follow each other when presented in random order. Therefore I want to build sevreal subblocks (presented in random order within each block) wich each contains one (randomly chosen) critical trial (i.e., first wgr column). The last trial in each subblock is non-critical, but the remaining trials in each subblock are presented in random order (i.e., second wgr column).
    Using stimlist randomization features (i.e., $) unfortunately leads to the situation that I don't know a priori which kind my trial will be and therefore can't use optional columns for ease of analysis. That means, if I choose my critical trials out of a pool of critical trials I don't know which critical trial will be chosen and can't flag it with the right numbers in a optional field. You could build a workaround with some extra stimulus columns presented for 0 ms and the yoking random stimulus option. But this seems rather impracticle. Therefore: Can I define two wgr columns?



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    At present, no, you can't have two WGR columns. But I have been working on a system like that to allow for constraints in randomization--exactly for this type of purpose. I hope to have it implemented in the next version of DirectRT.

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