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Thread: Voice recording quality

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    Voice recording quality

    I am having trouble with the voice data recording feature in Media Lab. We need to record participants' verbal responses to a prompt. We have a microphone that works fine, and the recording is switching on properly. However, the quality of the recording in MediaLab is really terrible. This is problematic because we will want to listen and code the responses later. There is a lot of static and strange noises that make it painful to listen to the voice data.

    I saw a similar post on this subject, but unfortunately, swapping out mics has not solved the problem for me. I have tried 4 different microphones (I tried both standing and headset mics, and one of the headsets was brand new) - and they all have static. I have also ruled out the microphone as a problem because when I tested out the microphone by itself using the Sound Recorder utility in Windows, without Media Lab, the sound is crystal clear. The problem only occurs when recording within Media Lab. We have v.2006 of the software.

    What can I do to improve the sound quality or decrease the static?

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    Does this replicate across multiple computers?

    Can you send me a copy of the questionnaire file and a sample sound output file? Can you also generate and send me a dxdiag.txt file? I'll take a look and see if I can determine what's going on.

    For generating a dxdiag.txt file, see:

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    [edited from related support email]

    I found that when I click on "microphone sound boost" it works much better. You may want to let people know that in Windows' "control panel", under "sound and recording", then "sounds" and "advanced properties", they can find microphone boost to check on.

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