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Thread: Media Lab Questionnaire Problems (case 29185)

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    Media Lab Questionnaire Problems (case 29185)

    We are doing an undergraduate study using scale response questions with a Media Lab questionnaire about brand preferences. The questions are counterbalanced in a way that sometimes 1 is the right answer and other times 2 is the right answer. For example for certain questions 1 indicates the brand while other times 1 indicates generic items so there is not a consistent formula where each number corresponds to the same thing. We are using SPSS to calculate data and we are having a problem because the labels of 1 (top box) and 2 (bottom box) are all Media Lab reports but they stand for different things. We want a way to add up how many times people chose the brand, it would be ideal for the brand to equal a 1 and generic to be a 0 in regards to point value. How do we program Media Lab to this? Or can you suggest another approach?
    Thank you very much for your time-
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    Assuming that you have two different versions of the questionnaire file, you can use the text label field of the scale response items in each version to contain an appropriate label for each answer choice.
    Jason Reed
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