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Thread: Skip patterns based on previous responses (case383)

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    Skip patterns based on previous responses (case383)


    I am trying to create a skip pattern based on a series of previous questions. Basically, if a participant answers "no" to a series of 5 previous questions, then I would like them to skip a question.

    1.) Is this possible? I think so, from reading the Advanced Features of your User's Guide. One additional complication is that this series of questions is in the middle of my questionnaire, so I will have to somehow tell Medialab which question to begin calculating the skip pattern from.

    2.) In the User's Guide example, the skip pattern is based on a scale (self esteem score). My pattern would just be based on all "no"s rather than a scale - how do I do this?

    Thank you for your help!!
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    Have you created your que file and a basic responses.xls file? If so, then you simply need to create a skipto value for the subsequent item based on whether or not the 5 values in the Excel file were set equal to "no" (e.g., 1 on 1-2pt scale). The help on conditional (if > then) logic in Excel can help you with this. Basically you want if q1 = no and q2= no and q3 = no etc., then skipto = q7. If you get close but are still having trouble zip and attach what you have done and I'll take a look at the logic.

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    same issue

    I am trying to do something similar

    what do you mean by creating a basic responses.xls file?
    how do i do that?

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    I'm trying to do something like that in DirectRT 2012. Is it possible?
    Thank you.

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    DirectRT 2012 does not have this capability.
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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