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Thread: Blank web pages

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    Blank web pages

    Empirisoft Webmaster,

    About 20% of the time when I click a link on your web site I get a blank page. If I then do a reload on the blank page the requested page will appear. Have you ever noticed this? I get the same problem on my XP laptop and Windows 98 desktop at home, and my Vista desktop on campus. All run Firefox 2. Just makes browsing your web site that much more annoying, thought you would want to know.

    -- David McFarlane, Professional Faultfinder

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    Thanks for the info David, sounds annoying. First I've heard of this though and since I use FireFox only on rare occasion, I haven't experienced our site much from that environment. If you take the bullet and try it in IE, does it work ok for you? If so, then let me know and I'll download FireFox on one of the locals here and check it out. Is the effect limited to certain kinds of pages on the site?

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    Just want to ad my personal experiences.
    I can confirm David's observation. At around 20% percent of the times when I click on links I see a white page and need to reload the page to finally see it. This only happens in the forum and on no other pages of your website.
    But I have replicated this behavior a lot of times (I visit the forum regulary for around 2 years) on numerous different machines using Firefox 2 and 3. As I mostly use Firefox I am not sure whether I replicated this behavior any time on the IE.
    But I have never (ever) seen this problem (as far as I remeber) on any different forum or webpage. Therefore I always attributed it to some bug at your php-server.
    But, its not a big deal.
    Just to ad a little more on some topics discussed elsewhere:
    Introducing responses.xls capability into DirectRT is a more demanding feature to me. And backward compatibility, at least for me, is not as important as great improvement of features as discussed in some threads. Anyone who wants to use some old code could just use some old versions of DirectRT, or input files get some different file-extensions and DirectRT the capability of reading old input-files and new input-files.
    Sorry, just dreaming. It's already late in Germany.


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    Thanks Henrik. So I'm trying to respond to posts on a Mac tonight via FireFox just to see. I get the same thing. Seems if I click refresh, then the page comes up if it initially comes up blank. Weird. No PHP on the rest of the website, so I expect that probably does have something to do with it.

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    I did just notice that if, when you get a blank support page in FireFox, you click on view source--you can see that the page did load. Out of curiosity, I saved the loaded source code behind the blank page to my desktop and then dragged that file into Firefox and it was no longer blank. Idenitical source code. Hmm.

    Anyways, important note I think is that if you have just submitted a post or reply and it comes up blank in FireFox--you can just click refresh and all will be well (and click ok if prompted to repost data).

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