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Thread: randomize bgr and jump wgr

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    randomize bgr and jump wgr

    dear helping-team

    I want to do the following:

    In a recognition task I ask my participants: “Do you recognize this sentence: XXX ?” – they choose yes or no. If they choose no I jump to the next sentence asking: “Do you recognize this sentence: XXY ?” If they coose yes, I ask two further questions, lets say qu_A and qu_B, and so on.
    The sentences XXX, XXY, .. should be presented randomly, but I need to know afterwards in which order they appeared. And of course I need every response. Therefor I chose randomization via bgr (and not via $recog.txt as stim).

    here is my problem:
    I used the jump-command, (e.g. RT:1>26,9>28 – 1 woud be yes and trial 26 the further question qu_A, 9 would be no and trial 28 the next sentence XXYZ) to react to the yes-or-no response of a participant. Now, when randomly the last group was selected by directRT, my jump-command causes to jump to the next trial outside the randomized groups without that every sentence/group was presented.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in advance,
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