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Thread: Rank images rather than text (case 448)

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    Rank images rather than text (case 448)

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    I am designing a study and have a question regarding the "Ranking" Item Type. I was interested in having participants rate words based on different fonts, but was unsure if it was possible to have each word appear in a different font. I have found how to change the font for the entire questionnaire, but not for individual words in the Ranking page. If this is not possible, I was wondering if it was possible to import the words (in different fonts) as images which could be dragged on the Ranking page. If you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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    in v2006 you can rank images by simply entering the image names in the response option fields where the text would normally go. here is a sample..
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    I am currently trying to set up an image ranking tast however the images appear as transparent boxes as opposed to the images themselves... any ideas on how I can get the images to actually appear? The same thing also happens when I try the sample version here. I've attached a screen shot if this helps?
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    Same question

    Same problem

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    What version of MediaLab are you running, i.e., 20xx.x.x? I've confirmed here that that it is running ok on at least one test machine running MediaLab 2012.4.118 on Windows 7. If you are running an earlier version of v2012, then I would suggest re-installing using the latest version from the main download page.

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