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Thread: Continous mouse position

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    Continous mouse position

    I am running an experiment where I would like to present a picture as a stimulus, collect continuous data on the mouse position for 3 seconds, and then automatically end the trial. Is there a way to collect this type of data using DirectRT 2008?

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    No, unless you access to a programmer who could write some java script for you--in that case, you could embed it within ML as a custom item.

    I'm guessing that java script examples exist on the web for tracking mouse movement at a specified time interval. The trick would be to get the data saved using js and getting those data saved with the rest of the medialab data. if you can work out a way to post the data, medialab can intercept and save it. i'd be happy to help you with that part of you can get the tracking part of going.

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    It is possible but would you go through a whole lot of tasks jut for this little project?. It also depends on the mouse so different mouse will give you different results. Are you developing this to compare mouses?. This would be really great if you do.

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