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Thread: Presenting words for 150ms

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    Presenting words for 150ms

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    I am building a program in which each screen will feature a single word in its center. The individuals words are part of a larger story, but I am trying to manipulate the speed with which people read. If they only have to read one word at a time in their foveal frame, they read more quickly. In working on this experiment I have come across two limitations:

    1) My story is 746 words long, but MediaLab only has 500 lines for programming in a given questionnaire. Is there anyway to expand the length of a questionnaire? Would direct RT be a better program for this task? Does it have a similar limit?

    2) How do I set the duration for a given screen's presentation for less than a second. I realize 1 second is written as d1, but what about 150 ms? Can I write d150ms?
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    MediaLab is not your best bet here. This would be a breeze in DirectRT--in fact you could use the simple "text.csv" sample that comes with DirectRT in the "samples/bare bones" folder. If you do not want a reaction to each word, just replace "rt:any" on each trial with "150"--voila! You can then embed that input file within your more general MediaLab experiment as a DirectRT "item" in your questionnaire.

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