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Thread: Recording correct answers in a randomized multi-stimuli trial (case 28713)

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    Recording correct answers in a randomized multi-stimuli trial (case 28713)


    I am creating an experiment to test a child’s learning of a novel knowledge base for my dissertation using DirectRT’s touch screen capabilities. I’ve been trying to run a trial where the subject will select—by using a touch screen—from a picture array of 4 options (which are randomly placed in the four quadrants). In the Log file, the response choice is recorded (which of the 4 quadrants were touched) and the system tries to record if it is correct. However, this is not a correct recording as it is recording “True” if a subject response is in the 1st quadrant (because my Time column in my input file lists rt:1,2,3,4 so 1 is considered the correct response for all, regardless of random presentation of stimuli).learning task.ziplearning task.zip

    Primarily, I am concerned with recording the correct response. However, I may want to also do an item-analysis and would want to know the stimuli they chose if it was incorrect. I have tried to label my stimuli so that I could tell which stimuli was chosen but the log file is not reporting which image was chosen, only which image was chosen randomly to be in the 4th quadrant (“Stim” column).

    I am attaching a zip file of my task including all necessary files (input, style, touch text file, stim folder, and data folder).

    Thanks so much for any suggestions!!
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    Please see if the touchscreen example that came with DirectRT works correctly with your copy of DirectRT. You can find it to run in the DirectRT folder at DirectRT\Samples\6 - v2006\touchscreen]touch.csv
    Jason Reed
    Empirisoft Software Support Specialist

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