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Thread: skip remainder of trial when no voice response is given

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    skip remainder of trial when no voice response is given


    I want to record a voice response. When no voice response is given within a certain time limit then directrt should continue and skip the remainder of the trial. This works for keypresses but not for voice response. I attach the files. I would be happy if you have any suggestions to implement that feature.

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    I understand but I don't think you can do that with voice responses. As you know (it sounds like) with key presses, you can associate a skip value with a specific key code and make that value negative if you want to break out of the trial immediately rather than at the trial's completion. Since voice RTs have no key codes though that function isn't applicable. Seems like there should be a way, but current I do not think that's the case.

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    According to the help manual about voice responses, you can use the MinMax function in the style sheet to define a maximum time limit for a voice response, for instance 150-2000. "In case where you would prefer that the remainder of the trial be skipped if the time is exceeded, then use !!" The minmax function works for voice responses when you don't use exclamation marks. However, when you put !! as it is recommended it doesn't work any more for voice responses, but still for keypresses. How could that be?

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    So the basic min-max functions seem to work ok with the voiceRTs, just not when you add the ! or !! to them. And that the add on functions of ! and !! only seem to work for key presses--is that it? If so, I'm guessing that's simply because the ! and !! functionality was not written into the voiceRT programming. An oversight I'm guessing. I'll make a note of this to update it in the next version.

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    Yes, that's it. Thank you!

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    Hi, I am having a very similar problem and it seems that the ! works fine with voice responses as long as you don't record anything. If you use rt:aud, it will go to the next trial after the time specified in MinMax, if no answer is provided.
    so the problem seems to be that it can't do it if you use rt:aud,rec,-3000, for example (if I do rt:aud,rec,3000 instead, it will just display the stimulus for 3 seconds regardless of whether there's a response or not)

    Any solution to this? I have been trying to figure out this for a while and I am stuck in my design until I find a solution.


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