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Thread: Online Experiments

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    Online Experiments

    I saw in a different thread that MediaLab must be installed on each machine that uses it. Does this also apply for the 2008 version? Is it possible though, to have MediaLab installed on lab computers and have subjects remotely log in to those machines/servers to allow for online experiments. Basically, I'm looking for a way for at home experiments when you have licenses for MediaLab in a lab setting. Thanks.

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    We are working hard on this for the next version. Currently, you still need to install MediaLab/DirectRT on each machine.

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    Anticipated date for MediaLab online release?

    Do you have any idea when the capability to run MediaLab studies online might happen? I have a study that's all ready to go, but now that I want to conduct it online it looks like I'll have to rewrite it in HTML or use SurveyMonkey or something. ...Unless MediaLab is going to go online soon!


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    Well, depends how you define soon. We have the version for the web well under way and should be released as part of the 2010 version due out next fall. Hopefully we will have a beta version ready to test much sooner than that. Let us know if you would like to be on the beta testing list when it does become available.

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    I'd be interested in being on the beta testing list!

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    I would also like to be on the beta testing list!

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