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Thread: Response Box not working with MediaLab or DirectRT

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    Response Box not working with MediaLab or DirectRT


    There was a post a while ago on getting a Cedrus response box to work with DirectRT. I'm trying to get my own Cedrus RB-730 box to work with MediaLab, but so far there has been no success.

    I was able to open up hyperterminal and see characters corresponding to the response box. So when I pressed 1, there was 1 on the hyper term screen etc.

    After this, I tried using the IO test tool on COM3 (the response box is actually a USB device but it shows up as COM3 in the device manager). I entered COM3 as 1000 in the IOtest, but there was no feedback from the SRBox.

    I also created a comport.txt file with the following text, but MediaLab does not seem to recognize the key presses from the response box.

    comPort, baudRate, parity, dataBit,stopBit
    inputcode (1-255),responsevalue(1-12)

    Any help on how I could get the response box to work with media lab would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Akr,

    Currently, DirectRT only supports actual, physical serial ports. Emulated serial ports, such as those provided by USB converter cables, won't work at all.

    Note that using a USB-Serial adapter within MediaLab is no problem at all.

    I'd recommend buying a serial port card for your computer if possible. This will contain 1-4 hardware serial ports and will work just fine.

    Also note that in either program, you need to initialize the port by transmitting at least one character at the beginning of your experiment.

    Then, you'll be able to receive without any trouble.



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