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Thread: Modifying slider

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    Modifying slider

    Hello All,

    I was going through one of the previous posts that has an html form on creating a slider in medialab with 100 points.

    I wanted to know if it was possible to modify this slider by having it display for a specific time (say 5 seconds) and then moving to the next trial and logging the value of the slider when the 5 seconds are over. I tried it by adding d5 in medialab but it does not log any values. Any suggestions on how this could be done.



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    I think what you need is a java script timer built into the code that will automatically click the continue button after the specified time. The example posted in the following link does something like this to make the continue button appear after x seconds. I'm guessing it could be modified pretty easily to have it clicked rather than appear. Take a look and see if you see what I mean:


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