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Thread: Using individual RT average as a parameter for later trials (case 20784)

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    Using individual RT average as a parameter for later trials (case 20784)

    I currently use the DirectRT Styles feature to set the response window or maximum RT before being told to go faster.

    I am interested in determining whether there is a way to individualize this maximum RT prompt for each participant. I was thinking of having them complete some practice trials (20), and then using the average RT from those trials to set the maximum RT parameter. Unfortunately, this parameter is in the DirectRT styles, and I don't know if it can be reset automatically for each individual. A work around is to have a separate DirectRT file for the practice trials, and then manually change the Style file for each participant. Any other possibilities?
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    DirectRT can not apply averages liek--at least not yet (we're working on it). I think using different input and style files as you have described would be the best workaround for now.

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    I am wondering if this functionality has been added yet? I would like to program the Monetary Incentive Delay Task but can't figure out how to use individual reaction times as a parameter for future trials. In the task, the allowableresponse window is manipulated to ensure a specificreward rate.



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    Hi Chloe,

    This function is not yet in DirectRT, but we are still exploring possible ways to integrate it into the program.
    Jason Reed
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