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Thread: response window priming?

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    response window priming?


    I have previously worked with Inquisit and now I'm new to ML and DirectRT. Because I don't have acces to Inquisit anymore I'd like to mimic the response window priming task I have used before in DirectRT.

    It consists of a relatively straightforward priming sequence (which seems to be very doable in DirectRT) and is followed by an adaptive response time limit, which gives feedback to subjects wether or not they have met the limit. This procedure results in focusing the rt-error-rate trade-off to the (increased) error rate (see Greenwald, Klinger, & Schuh, 1995) while setting a fast pace for responses.
    To correct for individual differences in information processing capacity the time limit is adaptive: with correctness rates over say 85% and most reponses beeing very fast the time limit is reset earlier, with correctness rates below 55% and most responses beeing very slow the time limit is prolongued in the next block.

    Any hints on how to do this timely adaptive response window are very welcome!


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    Hi Nina,

    DirectRT does not have this function yet (i.e., variable feedback as a function of response speed). It is something we are working on for the next version as part of an overall involvement of "variables" something akin to the Advanced Features of MediaLab.


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