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Thread: Multiple Skipping Values?

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    Multiple Skipping Values?

    My understanding is that you can have multiple values with "skip to" instructions. What I mean is let's say I want to have a text box appear after a question is posed and then have 3 values that result in different "skip to" values. Unfortunately, although I think this is supposed to work, I haven't been able to get it to! Sometimes, DRT completely ignores the first or second "skip to" command. Thus, I have two specific questions:

    1. If I want the user to be skipped to trial 24 if they type either "41" or "42" in a text box OR be skipped to trial 18 if they type "0," my understanding is that the time column should read as follows:


    what am i doing wrong?

    2. And what happens if I want them to be taken to trial 24 after typing "44" into the text box but to trial 25 after typing "z" into the text box? How do I distinguish between an actual "44" and a "z," since the numeric code for "z" is "44"?


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    Just tried a sample like this and it seemed to work ok. Can you try the attached and see if you have the same trouble with it. If you answer "dog" to the first question it should skip you to the second last item. "42" should send you to the last question.
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