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Thread: Randomization of left-right orientation

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    Randomization of left-right orientation

    In my protocol subjects respond "yes" or "no" to a stimulus by clicking keys I tell them represent yes and no, e.g., by clicking the "z" and "/" keys. I need to randomize this orientation so half (or approximately half) have "yes" associated with a left ringfinger press and the other half have "yes" associated with a right ringfinger press.
    Can DirectRT do this randomization for me? If not would MediaLab be able to accomplish this randomization?

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    You mean as a between subjects manipulation, yes? i.e., they do all trials one way or the other? If so, do you want it to be truly random or do you want half of your subjects randomly assigned to one condition and then the remaining subjects assigned to the other (i.e., to keep the n's equal)?

    Are you running the sessions manually or from within a MediaLab session?

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    Re: Randomization of left-right orientation

    Yes, would want this to be a between subjects manipulation, i.e., each S does all trials one way (left/right) or the other(right/left).
    Regarding how to randomize, optimally half left/right and the other half right/left, but truly random would be OK if that's all that's possible with DirectRT.
    We are doing this from DirectRT for now, so I'd like to know if DirectRT is capable of this randomization. If we need MediaLab to do that then I would like to know that as well.
    Thank You!

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