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Thread: .wav files won't play ... file size issue?

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    .wav files won't play ... file size issue?


    (I mistakenly posted this message in the MediaLab forum earlier, but have since discovered one possible reason why this isn't working.)

    In an experiment that I'm putting together, I cannot get .wav files to play. Based on discussion elsewhere on these message boards, I made sure that these were 16-bit .wav files. (I can get .mid files to play.) I've attached the (in-progress) .csv and one of the .wav files. Any insight on what's going on?

    In playing with the experiment, I discovered that DirectRT will play the smaller attached .wav file (Noise5.wav, 950KB) but not the larger one (Noise4.wav, 2.7MB). Is there a limit on .wav file size? If so, can this can be adjusted, either in DirectRT or Windows?

    Bill Levine
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    I'm wondering if the trial interval is not long enough, such that DirectRT does not have time to preload the sound file when it is larger. Can you try increasing the trial interval in the style (.drt) file? Another solution would be to try playing the sound file as if it were a movie, e.g., _mysound.wav rather than !mysound.wav.

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