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Thread: Recording Voice Response Question

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    Recording Voice Response Question


    In my experiment I need to record a ten minute dialogue by participants. MediaLab has a built in voice response item type which allows me to record and save the recording as a file. I just have a few questions about recording sound:

    1) I noticed that there is a duration parameter and i'm wondering if i can make the recording last ten minutes (e.g (d600))?

    2) What file type am I supposed to save it as, WAV, MP3?

    3) Is there a way to have the soundfile size compressed in medialab? Recording only 5 seconds produced a 283KB file. If not, is there a recommended freeware program I should use for recording/compression?

    Thanks a lot for the great product.

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    Yes, I believe you can specify (d600) to record the sound for 10 minutes as opposed to letting the subject hit continue when they are done. The sound files are saved as .wav files, so you would need to specify a file name like mysound.wav. You can download and install a freeware app called Audacity from www.download.com. It will allow you to open, play and convert your sound files to any format you like (e.g., mp3).

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