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Thread: Running an IAT (case 20080)

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    Running an IAT (case 20080)

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    Is there a template or sample for doing an IAT?
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    DirectRT does come with an IAT sample you can modify with your own stimuli. See samples 14 and 15 in the C:\DirectRT\samples\5 other features folder. You can also embed IAT sessions (whether it be through DirectRT, Inquisit, a web site, etc.) within a more general MediaLab experiment.

    See also, from the user's guide: www.empirisoft.com/directrt/help/directrt_samples_of14_iat.htm

    And for scoring, see also: www.empirisoft.com/support/showthread.php?t=836

    A search on the support boards here for IAT will also turn up a variety of questions and trouble shooting issues.
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    Problem Creating 'me not me' Task on DirectRT

    Hi, I am having a slightly similar problem - I am having trouble creating a 'me not me' task on DirectRT. This task examines implicit self stereotyping as it flashes a number of words on a computer screen, after which participants decide whether or not the word presented on the screen describes them or not.

    I was wondering if there was a template on DirectRT already created for this type of task or if anyone could share this task if they have it saved from a previous study. Thank you so much for the help!

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    Take a look at this section of the DirectRT manual that describes its IAT Samples:http://www.empirisoft.com/directrt/h...s_of14_iat.htm

    It shows the pathways to the example files and says it shouldn't be too hard to change them to fit your needs,

    "Do you see how this could act as a template? You wouldn't have to change the input file?just the stimuli. If your targets were "me" and "other", instead of "white" and "black", you could just replace "white" with "me" and "black" with "other" on each of the scale graphics."
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