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Thread: Run from several computers?

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    Run from several computers?

    Can I run a survey experiment on several computers at the same time, but keep my data set on one? This would allow me to run several participants at one time, but keep the data in one place. Also can I run an experiment via the internet so people can access my survey online.
    Please advise.

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    Yes, you can run sessions on multiple computers but have them all write data to the same place on your network. Be super-sure to use unique machine codes when you do this (explained in the link below). If you want to be extra cautious though, we recommend storing data locally on each machine. It simply reduces the risk of data loss because it's not all gathered in one place. However, with that said, here is the relevant section from the user's guide:


    See also:

    [kw: alternate data folder, server, network]

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