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Thread: On-line rating recording only on mousedown (case 27203)

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    On-line rating recording only on mousedown (case 27203)

    I am designing a study in which participants continuously rate speech in a videotaped conversation. Since participants are only rating the speech, I want to start data recording when participants click the mouse, then generate NAs when participants release the mouse. My understanding is that the default online rating item will rate continuously, so if the participant leaves the scale alone when the target stops talking, it would be indistinguishable from a continuous rating of the target's speech at a constant level. Can this be accomplished with a custom item + html?
    Thank you for your help,
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    Hello Nick,

    For what you describe, the appropriate item choice would be to use a custom item. However, the trick is to have html code that allows you to record the amount of time that a mouse button is held down. I don't personally know of such code, but please feel free to ask questions and I will help where I can.
    Jason Reed
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