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    Caps Lock Issue in Laptop (case 28788)

    Hi Medialab:)

    I have a trouble in using Medialab Version 2012 on laptops (Windows 7). Whenever participants entered "caps lock" during the experiment, they encountered the blank screen especially...
  2. Error Message "This array is fixed or temproarily locked" (case 19682)

    I made a vigilance task with lots of "fill in the blank" form (when the background picutres appear, participants write the location). But the problem is that after doing 1 minutes (d60), the...
  3. Thank you so much :) It is really helpful for me.

    Thank you so much :) It is really helpful for me.
  4. Yes I did :D

    Yes I did :D
  5. Difference btw Reaction Time and Timestamp. (case 18891)

    Hello :)

    I got the fill-in-the blank data by 'writing RT' and using 'Timestamp (@)' between two questions.

    When I read the Help documentation, "response times is the time the subject continues...
  6. Oh, sorry for making you confused. I did not give...

    Oh, sorry for making you confused. I did not give sufficient information about my sitaution.
    Yep. Both are blocked. I can't use the Experiment Editor and running a single que.
    The Samples are not...
  7. I already installed the program. But I...

    I already installed the program.

    But I cannot make experiment in experiment editor. Also i cannot start the que files that I already made prrviously with medialab v.2012. And samples in medialab...
  8. Runtime Error 3043, Disk or network error (case 18795)

    Hello. I recently purchased MediaLab v.2014, and now I start this program right now.

    But there's big problem.
    "Runtime Error 3043, Disk or network error"..
    However, my computer's internet is...
  9. Drag just one image from left to right side of the screen (case 17101)

    Hello, all.

    I am trying to make an experiment where participants will see 3~4 pictures, and subsequenly drag just one picture from the left side of the screen to right side of screen.
  10. Not using ENTER when answering fill-in-the-blank

    I have a same question.
    I also want to know how to record the data using fill-in-the-blank without pressing "enter".

    For example, when participants enter just one digit in blank (because all...
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