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    BGR problem w multiple blocks of trials

    Hi all,

    I am using MediaLab v2008.1.11 and have run into trouble with an experiment that has 13 blocks of trials. Each block has a DirectRT task followed by MediaLab questionnaires. One block...
  2. 10V, not 10mV

    Hi John,

    10mV is the minimum input - sorry for the confusion. Does that make the problem any easier to solve?

    There are tech specs for the other DAQ at...
  3. Cable to send DirectRT TTL signal to a BNC input

    I'm trying to find a cable that can SEND a TTL signal from a computer running DirectRT to an external data acquisition system that take a voltage input (up to 10 mV) with a BNC connection (we do not...
  4. No hassle at all - DirectRT input and Log output...

    No hassle at all - DirectRT input and Log output files for one of the problem cases are attached (error occurs on lines 252-253 of the log file). Thanks for taking the time to look at them...
  5. I'm running DirectRT 2008.1.0.11. A sample format...

    I'm running DirectRT 2008.1.0.11. A sample format and input line follows:

  6. Negative time values in Log file & out-of-range responses recorded

    In looking through a new data set, I came across two instances where a stimulus was presented, a 10 was recorded as the response from the DirectRT button box (in the input file, time was rt:1,9)....
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    I do have "rt:any" as the first screen on every...

    I do have "rt:any" as the first screen on every trial so this would explain the problem. I'll just use the button-press data recorded in the output file to determine response accuracy in a new...
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    Correct column in output file not accurate

    When I run a DirectRT program, I am finding that the output file is not returning accurate information in the "Correct" column. I think I have the time column set up properly ("rt:1,9" when 1 is the...
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    License Problem

    I have a license for MediaLab and DirectRT and have the software installed on a single computer in my lab. This computer is on a network and users are required to log in to the network before they...
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